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Caroline Gill






Personal &


life skills,

though body

breath & voice



...or would you like to develop more clarity, resonance & support for this most personal instrument?


Arising on hot breath from deep in the body, the human voice vibrates with all the complexity of our inner experience - it resounds with our truth more subtly than just though our words. It can be an instrument of richness, warmth and authority, or one that is impoverished, underused & may let us down in times of stress or pressure.


Your voice is like a bridge between the internal and external - & a very direct way to work with issues of self expression, communication & personal impact.


I work with people from many areas of life including singers, speakers, business executives, performers, teachers, therapists, the vocally unconfident or restricted & the more experienced. Sessions are tailored to individual needs and are safe, practical & supportive when there are deeper issues at stake or any history of trauma or disfunction.


In working with you I draw on many years of experience & training as a vocalist, actress, Vocal Arts Therapist, NLP Practitioner & Yoga Teacher. I work with individuals & groups.


Sessions have a positive focus & are suitable for anyone who wishes or needs for their voice to function at optimum level - or to be a more congruent & connected part of their self expression.


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Is YOUR VOICE functioning as an effective part of your communication skills ?

“Sing, laugh and spread good news,”  These are the ways “to chase the negative away.

Remember, you gotta work on making yourself happy cause no one else can.” Alice Tan Ridley