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Practical Voice Coaching, Therapy & Facilitation

Caroline Gill 07980 555 893




Is your voice functioning at its best?

Is it a fully connected part of your self expression?

Would you like to explore and expand your vocal range

or develop more confidence in vocal expression?


I work with singers & speakers from all areas of life.


Clients include: business executives, performers, teachers, therapists, the vocally unconfident - for any number of reasons & also more experienced vocalists, presenters or performers who have become limited by their training or habitual practice.


Sessions are individually tailored & centre around breathing & voice production with the intention of expanding range, clarity & resonance & including the whole person.  I provide a safe & supportive space when there are deeper issues at stake or a history of trauma.


Having a voice in the world connects to unconscious habits, beliefs & ways of holding ourselves. It can be profound & life-changing work or simply about learning some good technique & having a space to practice in. Voices like any other part of us, need exercise.


In working with you I draw on many years of experience & training as a vocalist, performer, therapist, nlp practitioner & senior yoga teacher.


This work is grounded in positive psychology & designed to be fundamentaly liberating.


I work with individuals in private practice & groups in educational, business & community settings & operate a sliding scale of fees - plus discounts for block bookings.


Get in touch if you'd like to discuss you or your groups' needs or want some more specific information.



“Sing, laugh and spread good news,”  These are the ways “to chase the negative away.

Remember, you gotta work on making yourself happy cause no one else can.” Alice Tan Ridley