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Caroline has been working with groups and individuals since 1998, in private practice, business and educational settings. She is a registered Voice Movement Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance/ BWY registered). Her approach is practical, positive and inclusive and will help you fully embody and integrate mind, body, breath & voice - to develop a sense of self that is flexible, creative, adaptable and grounded in the present moment...

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            Coaching & Therapy for Singers & Speakers


Classes, One-One & Teacher Training


Liberate the way you breathe.


Improve posture, strength and flexibility.


Increase your ability to concentrate and focus in the moment.


Build more energy and personal power.


Develop a state of presence that will carry you though the life that you love.

Contemporary Yoga offers a wealth of mind/body practices and empowering life skills that draw on ancient wisdom and modern science. Practicing yoga helps us stay vital, fit, flexible and happy. I have many years of teaching experience from complete beginner to teacher-training level and am a registered senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. I teach dynamic asana, breath-work and sound practices with a subtle energetic focus. Work with me to :



Your voice is key to becoming more impactful, expressive and effective in personal and professional life. It is the most fundamental instrument of self-expression we have and one that has a great capacity for bringing us pleasure in the simple acts of speaking or singing. Would you like to increase confidence and understanding of the physical instrument that is your voice ?  I offer personally tailored sessions that will help you to :


Expand your vocal range & resonant capacity.


Improve your singing or speaking voice by deepening its roots in body & breath.


Transform limiting beliefs & habits into empowered self expression.


Feel confident in your ability to project with ease & clarity in times of pressure.


Explore your creativity & musicality as a vocalist.

be your best !

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