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vocalist - artist - performer


From childhood I was immersed in the muted colours and strong light of a North East Scottish landscape, fascinated by nature and free to roam. This landscape first opened up my senses, to nature, the land and to the deep thrum of the wild things. I studied art, painting, photography and for a time this was home to my imagination and self-expresssion.

In moving to the city, I was submerged in an intensified soundscape and less physical space. Perhaps this is why I looked to ‘body’ as ‘land’ and to physically expressive ways to be creative. I became interested in voice: as extension of body, of movement, of landscape and culture. Voice relating to melody, rhythm, words and other people. It wasn’t easy to claim the singer but that was the journey that had me study vocal technique, voice movement therapy, yoga, acting, performance – and the cross-fertilisation of these with other creative and contemplative practices.

Improvisation is the practice I return to – for release, for research and for reconnection. Improv demands a commitment to the moment – and to not knowing. This state of not-knowing is essential to the artist and a tricky edge to navigate for the teacher…

My creative life sprawls over many areas and media and has proved impossible to contain.

I’m a member of Spike Island Associates 


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