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Wordbox is a boxful of words, of possibilities for poem or song made in the moment to speak or sing. Surprising sentences – word work for improvisers – a portal to new realities created by the sound and the meaning of words. The wordbox is growing.


Are you a lover of words? Would you like to email 10 words that spring to mind ?  

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Current theme PRODUCTION for the Spike Island Associate Exchange Project: Tate Moden Feb 2nd – 4th 2018..  


Immersed in the muted colours and strong light of a North East Scottish landscape, I grew up in the depths of nature and free to roam. The landscape first opened up my senses, to light, land and the deep thrum of the wild things. I studied visual art and for a while this was a focus for imagination and experiments. My ear was accustomed to dialects: from Shetland (my mum) Geordie (dad) and 'the Doric' of the NE of Scotland, accents redolent of land and farming, the weather. I started singing

Moving to the city meant being submerged in an intensified soundscape, ‘body’ substituted for ‘land’ and vocal work became an extension of this space-making. The study of vocal technique, a training in voice movement therapy, singing and performance research have cross-fertilised with other creative and contemplative practices to underpin my coaching, teaching and research - and a creative urge that sprawls over many areas and media and has proved impossible to contain.

Member of Spike Island Associates


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