Essential practices for performance & life

Vocal Work

Personal Coaching

Professional Voice

Does your voice express who you are? Would you like to expand its expressive range, flexibility and timbral qualities whilst unravelling limiting habits and patterns of tension? I offer personally-tailored coaching focused toward more powerful, creative and resourced vocal communication, specific to your individual needs.

Registered Voice Movement Therapy practitioner – work with me to positively engage with the deeper issues that limit your voice and self-expression

Breathing Tuition

Breath for Inspiration

To inhale is to ‘inspire’. We breathe, unconsciously, from the moment we are born, but we can also consciously change our breathing – its length, speed, depth – and by doing so, change our physiology, energy levels and inner state. Breathing practices are some of the most powerful tools we have to cultivate resilient physical, mental and spiritual balance – they are ancient knowledge, validated and advanced by modern science.

You might be someone whose breathing capacity feels compromised by illness, or a performer struggling with performance nerves or anyone wishing to explore the potential of breath work to enhance and deepen their experience of life, Sessions with me are focused towards your specific needs.

Yoga Tuition

Resources for Life

Drawing on two decades of teaching and a lifetime of practice, I teach yoga designed to meet you exactly where you are. Learn slow, dynamic asana sequences connecting to foundation, centre and breath. Develop the inner resources to move through life with grace, gratitude and inner calm. I also offer:

  • Meditation as a creative resource
  • Sound and mantra for health & well-being
  • CPD level trainings and mentoring

Senior Teacher status with Yoga Alliance UK


“The men of old breathed clear down to their heels”

Chuang Tzu (c.369-c.286 BC)