Take a moment to breathe, to the top of an inhale, then all the way to the bottom of an exhale, and again..

I teach simple practices distilled from years of working with breathing toward different purposes, including yoga pranayamas, extended singing, vocal acting, creative and therapeutic process. I aim to help you engage with, stretch, release and gradually strengthen your breathing mechanism as a fundamental part of you. The benefits are immediate and can over time promote profound changes in mental and physical health. There are exercises designed to increase capacity beyond previous limitations or habits and those that calm, centre and take us into the inner portal of embodied experience and a richer sense of self.

Breath work oxygenates, energises and strengthens respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. It can help us manage inner state and nervous system response, performance nerves or the affects of depression, anxiety, or a physical illness. It also gives us more space in ourselves to process our lives and our feelings. Breathing better makes a lot of things better.

I respond to what is needed individually and aim to simplify this complex system into practical, experiential work, so you feel more connected to your breathing and able to continue building on the exercises and practices I teach you.

Did you know that:

  • Nasal breathing is fundamental to human health and is our best defence against virus, bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Habitual mouth breathing can lead to snoring, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease and other major heath issues.
  • The way we breathe impacts how we feel and how we inhabit our bodies – it affects the quality of our experience.
  • Slow, deep breathing practices help in managing and reducing, performance nerves, anxiety and stress-related disorders.

Breath Work sessions:

Contact me if you’re interested in improving your breathing in ways that will fit into and enhance your daily life. In sessions you will explore experientially, some of the following :

  • How your respiratory system works
  • To release tensions that restrict your breathing
  • Exercises and practices specific to your needs and focus. 
  • Breath work as a meditative tool

Sessions are tailored individually.

Walking Sessions:

Join me in person or on your phone. Counted breath-work while walking is a powerful way to harness the rhythm of your breath and to bring mind and body into harmonious balance. The benefits are profound and the practices very simple to incorporate into your life, especially if you’re someone who finds it hard to sit for long or to slow down enough to synchronise with rhythmical breathing practices and the balancing effect they have on our mind/body health.

Looking to get started?

“Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?”

Mary Oliver