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When I found Caroline in Bristol I was delighted. She was exactly who I had been looking for as a voice teacher. In one to one sessions we started deep in the body, from exactly where it was, nothing felt forced, everything was allowed. Caroline has a deep and wide working understanding of the body and the voice and she combines this with a strong, vibrant, empathic and joyful spirit. I felt completely held, safe and guided and encouraged in my baby steps towards claiming and exploring my sung voice from an authentic foundation…exactly right. Thanks again Caroline. 

Angelica, Dancer

Caroline provided wonderful, warm and in depth guidance throughout my teacher training. With her help I found my authentic teaching style and voice. Her lessons ask you to dig deep in order to find rich seams of wisdom buried within your practice. I am very grateful for my time spent with Caroline and would warmly recommend studying with her at any available opportunity!     

Jess Williams. Dance Artist/ Yoga Teacher

I arranged coaching from you in order to support me in giving presentations, something often required in my job but that I have always struggled with. The work we did has dramatically increased my confidence in using my voice and in presenting. You introduced me to parts of my voice I never imagined existed. Throughout our sessions you challenged me while always being understanding and supportive. I learnt so much about my voice – and about myself. I also had a fantastic time!

Caroline Charlton Business Exellence Manager HEFCE

 Caroline is a remarkable teacher-trainer who brings a wealth of experience both in asana and in vocal and voice techniques. Her embodied approach to yoga practice is at the heart of her teaching and she is adept at transmitting this through both the skillful incorporation of yoga philosophy and in her ability to meet students at their skill level, giving support and encouragement at every step of the way. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Abby Hoffmann, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Researcher, Podcaster

I find her sessions inspiring and confidence boosting. Caroline’s teaching is absolutely right for me, it’s confident, fun and takes me beyond my boundaries

Sibylle, Vocalist

Your coaching made an enormous difference to me most significantly in permanently changing the way I breath.

Lucy Pow, HEFCE

“Working with Caroline has helped me discover my voice in new ways. She is an intuitive, deeply knowledgeable, compassionate coach. Our sessions have given me confidence for upcoming performances and radio interviews. I understand my voice like never before”.

Nina Telegina, Performance Poet

Caroline is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. I love her classes which are tough yet compassionate. She encourages students to ‘find their edge’ and supports them to do so with wisdom, humour, and humility.

Amy Barry

Caroline is an exceptional yoga teacher who combines astute insight with a wealth of practical knowledge, to craft lessons which are both challenging and fun. She manages to cater to our different levels of experience and ambitions in our regular 2 to 1 yoga lessons. She quickly adapts sessions to meet the particular needs arising on the day, creating an open, relaxed and encouraging environment. I always look forward to my yoga lesson –particularly on a frantic day when it is an all to brief haven of calm.

Susie Smith

My husband and I have been receiving weekly yoga sessions at home from Caroline for over two years now. We weren’t entirely sure what sort of yoga we wanted and we both work differently. However Caroline is so easy going and flexible to what your needs are that it has worked brilliantly! she has a deep knowledge and understanding of various forms of practice that she is able to firstly recognise what may be of benefit and adapt session without breaking the flow. She’s a permanent fixture in our diary!

Sue & John Forde

After a 200 hr teacher training course and only a few hours of actual class teaching practice I found it hard to make the transition from fledgling yoga teacher to confident and successful yoga teacher. Caroline’s mentoring was invaluable as her vast knowledge, insights and experience assisted me in structuring and delivering good yoga lessons, she also worked on improving my own yoga asana postures and after just one session with her my class teaching was noticeably improved. With Caroline your yoga teaching skills start to rocket. I’m deeply grateful.

Vera Fernandes,Yoga Teacher and TEFL Teacher Trainer

Caroline has been my yoga teacher for a long time now, She’s very good, especially in the way she can tailor a session to suit an individual’s needs, For me that means complementing the work i do with my trainer at the gym , and my cycling . There’s no doubt that my posture has improved as has my flexibility , and this at a time when many of my contemporaries are going in the other direction . She’s an articulate and positive teacher and as a bonus we always do a fair bit of laughing too.

Keith Warmington​

Caroline is a wonderfully cheerful and strong lady. She has given me some very happy and very enjoyable yoga sessions in my home. Over the months I have become more flexible and stronger. Very much enjoy doing vocal work at the end of our sessions.

Sarah B

Caroline has a rare talent of being able to integrate her understanding of the mind and body through her yoga practice and her skills as a voice coach. It has been immensely useful both as a recreation to develop voice skills but also as a method of deepening my understanding of the mind body interface. ​

Clare P, Psychiatrist, NHS

Caroline’s supportive, non-judgmental attitude gave me a space to experience my deepest self in a new and un-chartered way – through my voice….I miss our sessions greatly – the exercises continue to be useful, but I miss the space you create…a rare gift it is!

Annie, Vocalist

I’ve been so inspired by you and the rest of the group, so a very big thank you. I hope you know what an intelligent and intuitive teacher you are.

Caroline Pringle, Vocalist

Much more than a voice coach – Caroline starts where others leave off.​

Jolane Abrams, Coach

Caroline lead me through learning the many factors that can affect voice. I never knew there was so much to it. Caroline also struck a careful balance between pushing too hard versus allowing me to stay in my comfort zone. She is a great coach. ​

Martin, Telecommunications Company Chairman

I really discovered parts of my voice I never knew I had.​

Becky, Trainer

Some of the best hours of my year have been spent practicing with you. I love the energy we create at Yogasara.

Sam Lacey

I had always been a bit shy about my voice. But when I attended Caroline’s voice course I gained vocal confidence week by week. Caroline led the group with warmth and enthusiasm, encouraging us to explore our voices creatively in singing and speaking. From day one I felt that my voice was appreciated as an expressive and artistic medium despite the little experience I had. As well as teaching us vocal skills – techniques I still refer to when teaching, presenting or performing – Caroline offered creative voice projects/recordings within the class. These were exiting opportunities to play with what we had learned. They challenged me appropriately and I began to feel more like a collaborator than a mere student. I thank Caroline for the lasting skills and beautiful memories.

Itta, Performance Artist, Dancer & Pilates teacher