A well functioning voice contains the essence of our vitality and our personality. It is a key component of our health, happiness and success.

Is your voice an instrument for creativity and a vehicle for communication, or do you feel it might let you down when it matters, such as when you are performing, presenting… or when speaking your truth ?

Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity, to explore your voice beyond its speaking range, or you’ve experienced trauma that has impacted your vocal expression.

Or you’re the person who is asked to speak up in meetings – or you’re crippled by performance nerves and their impact on your vocal delivery.

Work with me :

One:one sessions with me will help you to engage with, understand and embody your voice, so you experience increasing stability and confidence in vocal expression. Practical exercises specific to your area of focus, or desired outcome, are integral, as is fun, laughter and a non-judgmental atmosphere in which you are supported, encouraged and sometimes provoked to extend your range and build a more embodied relationship with your voice.

Vocal work is by its very nature therapeutic, encouraging the release of tension, limiting habits and old stories as we breathe more more deeply in service to our most resonant, connected sound. Sessions can include text, song or character-based work, speech and articulation, phonetics and accents, or a more personal story that needs a voice.

Over the last two decades I’ve worked with singers, actors, business professionals, teachers, spoken word performers, trainee barristers, therapists and many other individuals with a personal need or desire to explore their intimate relationship to voice – and sometimes more broadly, to ‘having a voice’ and being able to speak up with assurance and authority in personal or professional life.

Issues such as a dysfunction relating to trauma or a habitual tension pattern can be met by this work. I work with people who have experienced stroke, brain/nervous system damage, or are living with MS, ME and other long-term health conditions. I am not however a medical practitioner and offer referrals if better served by another modality or health care option.

I welcome people of any identity, colour, gender, culture or belief system.

Sessions typically include:

  • Time to talk about your particular vocal issues, challenges and history
  • Designing a loose ‘contract’ focused on your specific needs or required outcomes
  • Release-based breath and body work
  • Exercises to build vocal strength and flexibility
  • Sustained vocal work to develop strength, elasticity and resonance
  • Encouragement to expand your comfortable range of vocal expression

.. and can be focused toward:

  • Singing and song work
  • Speech, character or text work
  • Working toward a performance or presentation
  • Developing or softening an accent or dialect
  • Exploring a deeper issue that impacts your voice with the intention of positive change and a voice that expresses more fully who you are.

Looking to get started?

The greatest musical instrument given to a human being is the voice”

Dayananda Saraswati